Alex McVey is a Chesley-nominated, award-winning illustrator whose work has been published internationally.
He has illustrated the works of Stephen King, Joe R.
Lansdale, William Peter Blatty, Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, and Richard Matheson, among others.
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Publishers/authors/clients include:

Stephen King
Joe R. Lansdale
Dean Kootz
Peter Straub
William Peter Blatty
Kate Morton
Jack Ketchum
Brian Keene
Ronald Kelly
Joe Hill
Night Shade Books
Fantasy Flight Games
Lonely Road Books
H.P. Lovecraft
Centipede Press
Michael Marshall Smith
Norman Partridge
Douglas Clegg
Ramsey Campbell
Edward Lee
John Shirley
Christa Faust
Ray Garton
Straight Line Stitch
Steve Jackson Games
Weird Tales Magazine
Tom Piccirilli