Big Cartel Shop

Don’t forget to check out my online shop at — there are constant odds & ends available for sale there. You can also see a lot of work that I do not post, at
Thanks everyone for your constant support and kind words.
- Alex


Lots of new projects keeping me from posting much the last few months. Add me at to get a look at all kinds of odds & ends I don’t post here.

Updates to the Purchase Page

I’ve added a few new originals to the Purchase page, but they sold almost as quickly as they were posted. Until I finish revamping the store, I still have selected prints available for a flat fee on the Purchase page. Simply send me an email, comment, or Paypal payment with your address noted.

Galleries are here!

The dark and light galleries are now active! Feel free to leave me feedback on the new site or the images here.

Galleries will be active soon

I appreciate all of your patience while we’ve worked to get this looking just right! Please check back soon.

New Website Coming Soon!

Currently working to create a new website and blog all in one location. I’ll keep you posted as I’m working on it. I hope you like the new format and look forward to hearing your feedback.